Recent events are having a significant impact on our social, financial, and physical health. The COVID-19 pandemic also means the majority of us are adapting to life working from home. There’s a bright side, though: a recent study indicates that people who work remotely are 29 percent happier than people who work on-site.

Before the outbreak, the number of people setting up a home office in the US was already on the rise. Since 2005, there has been a 140 percent increase in people working from home. That figure equals approximately 4.3 million individuals working at least part-time from the comfort of their own house.

With video meetings, virtual desktops, and good Wi-Fi, there couldn’t be a better time to turn your home into a practical workspace. By following a schedule, allowing yourself to focus, and getting exercise, you can make the most of your work-from-home transition.

Stick to a Schedule

Perhaps the most critical step in working from home is creating and maintaining a schedule. People who don’t stick to an itinerary are usually the ones left wondering how they are going to get everything done on time. For starters, give yourself set times to clock in and out of your job. Then, try blocking your day into 90-minute increments to focus on different projects. By the end of each block, you’re sure to have measurable results.

Ready, Aim, Focus

With kids, pets, and spouses vying for your attention, it’s essential to set some basic ground rules. Find a place in your home (preferably with a natural light source) where you can work with the least amount of distractions. Stick to your schedule and let everyone know the different times throughout the day when you’ll be available for family time.

Stay Healthy

Did you know that people enjoy a 15 percent productivity boost by exercising before work? In addition to a healthy diet, exercise is proven by the Mayo Clinic to ease depression and anxiety. When you’re setting your daily schedule, include breaks to walk the dog or take a quick stroll around the block to stay upbeat and alert.

If you maintain a balanced schedule, set yourself up to concentrate on your work, and make sure to exercise daily, you can make working from home a productive and rewarding experience.