Caring for your canine companion can become slightly repetitive between familiar walking routes, similar scents, and the same-old stomping grounds. Why not freshen up Fido’s routine with some dog parks nearby to explore, meet new friends at, and get some exciting exercise? Luckily, Garden Grove is filled with opportunities to introduce your four-legged friend to uncharted territory!

Dog parks provide a place for fellow dog owners to mingle while their pups put their energy to good use reaping the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and socialization with other dogs, making them an incredible part of any community. After all, there is a reason that nine in 10 Americans consider dog parks beneficial to the communities in which they live. Experience the fun yourself with these three local dog parks in and around Garden Grove:

Garden Grove Dog Park

13601 Deodara Drive

Garden Grove, CA 92844

With a brief 10-minute drive down Westminster Boulevard, you and your pup can enjoy the Garden Grove Dog Park, which features separate large- and small-dog areas, each securely fenced in, perfect for an off-leash game of fetch or chase. Complete with waste-disposal stations and a water fountain, this park is the perfect setting for an outing with your fur friend.

The separated small- and large-dog areas create a less intimidating environment for dogs of all sizes to practice socialization with other dogs, an important part of their lives. Dog socialization helps reduce anxiety for your pooch, makes public outings easier, and aids in reducing aggression with other animals and people by introducing it to the world around it.

Olive Hills Dog Park

700 E. Nohl Canyon Road

Anaheim, CA 92807

Need a little more than a place to play fetch? Or maybe grass allergies have got you down? A short 15-minute drive from Solara Apartments will take you to Olive Hills Dog Park, a dog park nearby equipped with agility training obstacles and a play area landscaped with faux grass and sand. The Olive Hills Dog Park is the perfect place to exercise your dog, provide it with some much-needed mental stimulation, and strengthen your bond.

Agility training requires practice, and all of those hours spent running through poles and up and down ramps will not only keep your dog in shape, but will also keep you moving. In addition, teaching dogs new skills keeps their minds sharp and curbs behavioral problems. Not to mention that you get to spend productive time with your dog working towards a goal, the perfect way to fill some of your free time.

Rosie’s Dog Beach

5000 E. Ocean Boulevard

Long Beach, CA 90803

If your dog would rather be in the water than on a walk, consider the 20-minute trip from Solara Apartments to Rosie’s Dog Beach, a dog park nearby perfect for pups who prefer to get a little wet. The best part? Swimming is an excellent, low-impact exercise for dogs and humans alike.

Obesity is just as much a problem for dogs as it is for their human counterparts. As many as 50 percent of dogs in the US weigh too much, which can cause health problems ranging from arthritis to heart disease for them. Regular exercise, balanced with a proper diet, can keep your pup healthy and happy.

Taking your furry family member to a new place comes with its challenges, so when you plan your trip to these exciting places, keep safety at the forefront of your mind. Make sure you are being a responsible dog owner by ensuring your dog is in good health, up to date on its shots, and supervised at all times. A few simple steps can ensure you and your pup have a positive dog park adventure. And of course, have some fun with your FURiend.