Between work, exercise, taking classes, maintaining your household, prepping meals, running errands, and even side hustles, do you ever feel like you have zero downtime to just chill? You’re not alone. An H&R Block study discovered people average less than five hours of free time every week. 

With the pandemic hindering common venues for downtime like bars, restaurants, and clubs, it’s a great time to stay home and plan some fun roommate activities instead. Here are three suggestions for planning a fun and memorable roomie night.

Order Takeout

Despite the memes on social media, Americans actually aren’t gaining the “quarantine 15” during the coronavirus pandemic. The average adult has only gained a slight .21 pounds during the lockdown. That good news means you and your roommate can go ahead and indulge in some delicious takeout from your favorite Garden Grove restaurants. 

Craving seafood? Order up some Crawfish Mac & Cheese or a Pork Belly Shrimp Burger from The Wharf. Or, dig into a bowl of Pesto Penne Pasta or Baked Ziti from Carolina’s Italian Restaurant. But don’t forget about dessert. Grab some of your favorite donuts like a Cronut or Maple Bacon Donut from King’s Donuts. In addition to enjoying a great meal with your roomie, you’ll be supporting your favorite local businesses. 

Movie Night

Pull out the popcorn, Junior Mints, pajamas, and pillows! It’s time for a great at-home movie night. While you might be missing a good night at the movie theater, 70 percent of Americans actually prefer watching movies in the comfort of their own home.

Looking for some new movies to enjoy? There are dozens of new movies you can either stream on your favorite service or on demand. Palm Springs, a fun twist on Bill Murray’s Groundhog’s Day, features Andy Samberg. Or maybe you want to catch up on Oscar-winning movies. Parasite is available on Hulu, and you can rent 1917 on Amazon Prime for just $5. Or, for a fun mystery flick, try Knives Out now on Amazon Prime. 

Get Crafty

If you’re tired of binge-watching every TV series on Netflix, turn off the TV and pull out some of your craft supplies for a creative night with your roomie. If you’ve always wanted to join one of those Paint Nite activities but think COVID has squashed that idea, you’re in luck: You can join virtual painting parties. Just pour yourself your favorite beverage, warm up some easy appetizers, and gather all your art supplies to enjoy a fun paint-filled evening.  

Not that artistic? Dig up your stash of half-finished woodcrafts, handiwork, scrapbook pages, or even crocheting. Turn on your favorite tunes, get comfy, and start crafting. From personalized aprons and cleverly decorated wood cutouts to elaborate scrapbook pages or stamped greeting cards, getting crafty is a great way to spend the evening with your roommate. 

Don’t let the life-altering effects of the pandemic hinder your roommate-bonding time. Take advantage of the extra time at home and enjoy delicious takeout food, cozy movie nights, and time spent creating new crafts.